TechChuff is a computer generated blog developed in collaboration between Nissan, PepsiCo and the current Belizian government.  The purported satire content is in fact a front for advanced behavioural targeting tracking, keystroke logging and deep packet analysis in technological partnership with Phorm and the NSA. As you read this we are selling your information to desperate marketeers from failing e-commerce sites trying to justify all their wasted money on banner ads to their tired and lonely bosses.  As you notice we have no EULA, T&C’s or Privacy policy because it is against our EULA, T&C’s and Privacy Policy to provide them for you. We have copyright to everything you do and think about after visiting TechChuff and are already looking at the photos on your hard drive from your trip to China.

The site is administered by Philip Scofield, Jeffery Dahmer Jr. and a team of blind orphans who mainly crawl in the server boxes looking for rats to eat.