“Microsoft Loving MacBoys” Headline Confuses You

Today’s headline proclaiming “Microsoft loving MacBoys” has confused readers while they read this headline.

Unsure if Microsoft are in fact in love with all Steve Jobs worshipping, magpie-eyed drones, or if there has been a paradigm shift in Apple’s core fanbase’s view on Bootcamping their MacBooks with Vista – readers have been forced to panic.

Vista on Mac

Vista on Mac. Like putting a goat in a dress. And having sex with it.

As the general public outrage via twitter, it must be recalled that such confusion hasn’t reigned since the ‘Man Eating Dog’ headline of the late nineties, where split groups of angry readers rampaged the streets leaving both Korean men hungry and several large scary dogs dead.

However late in the day, evidence of a little love coming from the Microsoft camp arrived as Steve Ballmer admitted.

“I kinda love those subservient motherfuckers. Some days I just wish I had the kinda of fanboys who’d pay for my  sweat in a shiny white enameled bottle”

While representatives from Apple have declined to comment, grammar police have been notified and are racing to the scene with copies of ‘Eats, Shoot and Leaves’ as we speak.

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