Father Dies Copying DVD to Floppy Disks. Unhelpful Son Jailed.

A father of 2 died of exasperation after spending 3 weeks backing up classic dad DVD ‘The Seven Samurai’ to nearly 5000 3.5″ floppy disks.

Bob Naylor rented the movie using Netflix and enjoyed it so much he wanted to make a ‘legitimate backup’ copy of it for his personal collection. He asked for help from his technically-able, 15-year-old son but he was too busy watching illegally-streamed Premier League soccer games and chatting to his multitude of Myspace girlfriends.

USB keys: The end of 3.5" floppy jokes

USB keys: The end of 3.5" floppy jokes

“For fuck’s sake dad. Just Google it. You are so thick. You just back it up to disk”

Bob grasped at the nearest straws which turned out to be a box of 3.5″, 1.4 meg floppy disks. Faced with looks of luddite-contempt from his son, he bravely soldiered on, ordering crates and crates of Sony disks and slowly multi-part zipping the entire movie onto 5000 floppy disks.

He was found dead last Tuesday trapped in his study by a mountain of magnetic media and a single DVD. His son released the following statement

“My dad knows nuffing about computers – he never should be allowed to use email or internet or nuffing. He tried to email me for help coz he woz trapped or some shit, but he is so thick he sent the email to my brother who’s a policeman and like, he phoned me and we laughed about how thick my dad is.”

TechChuff warn all parents that the internet is the realm of the teenager and the geek and should only be ventured into with caution and expectation of accidental porn viewing.

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