‘My Mate’s iPod’ Secures DJ’ing Gig at Ministry of Sound

The music world was rocked today as superstars DJs discovered that my mate’s iPod will be DJ’ing at Ministry of Sound’s 18th birthday party next week.

My mate’s iPod will be showing off it’s eclectic selection of random 80′s party tracks and advanced ‘this track stops-next track starts’ mixing techniques on the big stage.  Also attendees will be treated to a special guest appearance of’ ‘my pissed-up friend messing around trying to find Take That’s new album’ which hopefully will bring an added element of ‘British pop’ mixed with ‘awkward silence as they accidentally hit pause‘  to the big night.

Max Headroom RealDoll is a hit.

Max Headroom RealDoll is a hit.

A spokes person for Ministry of Sound stated:

“We had thought about going for a real human DJ  like Carl Craig or Pete Tong but we’d been impressed with your mate’s iPod and some of the playlists it had been loaded with from iTunes. To see a star like this rising from providing anemic James Blunt background music for dinner parties through to rinsing out a 2hr Abba-megamix set at your sister’s engagement bash is a real joy for someone in the industry like me.”

Despite the lack of being an actual DJ and having the ability to chose and mix tracks, promoters are keen to test out my mate’s iPod given they won’t have to source an endless supply of gak and groupies to fuel it through the night. Still we are hearing of hordes of nerdy Apple fanboys already queuing for tickets, harping on about ‘how they totally know the DJ’ to the bouncers.

TechChuff is also aware of a new pretender to the crown of ‘surely we can just use my iPod’ genre of DJs. ‘My mate’s laptop with Spotify on it’ is now doing the circuit in offices around the country and soon could be on the decks at a local Bar Mitzvah near you, providing a neat mash-up of Lady Gaga and some really fucking annoying adverts.

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