Moon-based Servers Only Hope for Bitorrent Trackers

The Moon bitches. That’s right. The Moon. The Piratebay have just landed a Dual Xeon Apache server in the Sea of Tranquillity and until the day the RIAA build an actual Deathstar capable of destroying our orbiting friend, the new lunar web-hosting service becomes the only safe haven for our favourite bittorrent trackers and terrorist email-relays.

No need for air-conditioned server rooms at -233°C

No need for air-conditioned server rooms at -233°C

With Mininova being forced to shut down by the Order of Utrecht, it seems like there are no longer any nations willing to take the risk of being ‘that really cool country with like, NO LAWS AND SHIT MAN!’.

‘It was difficult to be honest. We used to be able to act all badass and be like ‘yo so our servers are in Panama so the RIAA will need the fucking Navy Seals with 50 calibre sniper rifles to take us down’ but it seems no-one is willing to harbour our file-sharing activities. The Dutch, the Swedes, all the sex-crazed marginal European countries. All these liberal motherfuckers. Gone. We’re not welcome. What do we do now?’

The Moon. With The PirateBay now back in full service on their .loon domain, the world is gearing up for the Moomins to start receiving cease and desist letters from the RIAA and Mr Spoon to be the public face of ‘the evils of file-sharing’.

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