Brown Admits He Uses His Weekly Call with Obama to Tell Him to ‘Check out my twitters’

President Obama shocked by-standers in a local In-N-Out Burger with the following tirade captured by a tramp with a Flip HD:

[one-sided transcript]

“No, I haven’t read your tweets because I do not follow you Gordon.

I repeat,  I am not calling you G-Brown even if that is your Twitter ID Gordon.

T-Pain featuring G-Brown

T-Pain featuring G-Brown

Gordon, why do you feel the need to tweet and then call me every week to check I’ve read them? You could just call me in the first place.

Ok tell me what they said if it’s that important.

Yes I do like you.

Sorry? You want me to read your tweets? You won’t tell me what they said?

Look, you have me on the phone right now, I’m not in the club this time – you can just tell me now.


You prefer X-Factor to Strictly? That’s it? You wanted to tell me that?

Right, I’ll see you in Stockholm. Goodbye Gordon. Bye.

Um, I can still hear you breathing. Please hang up. Please don’t do this again .”

TechChuff was allowed to get the following statement from the Whitehouse Communication Office:

“Do you realise Mr Brown calls President Obama each week now and puts his voice through the ‘I am T-Pain’ iPhone app? Who taught him this stuff? He calls it ‘Autotuning the Special Relationship’. He is so lame. Did you know he just signed up to Bebo? Why? Then he sends the President about 10 blank text messages a week, complains he never has any credit on his phone and then asks us to ring him back for the G8 calls.”

Number 10 Downing Street was quick to respond with a response from Gordon Brown himself:

“You see the way I send email to my children is to write a long rambling note about cheese, call them up to ask them how to send an email, send it and then call them back to tell them I’ve sent the email. That’s how I’ve always done it. Now Obama is all like, ‘I’m the black Sam Seaborn’ with his internet campaigns and CTOs and I think I should move into the 20th century and just embrace technology in my own special way.”

TechChuff can confirm we received this statement via fax which seemed to be originally a Word Document which has been screen-grabbed,  printed out, amended by hand in biro, rescanned , pdf’ed, printed and then faxed to us. 2012 baby. 2012.

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