Day 1 in the ChuffCamp House: Someone is Peeing in The Milk Again.

Welcome to our live coverage of ChuffCamp 2009. Not only are we uploading our quippery and soundbites via AudioBoo and live streaming video from our iPhone 3GS via  but we will also be WRITING about the event using our fingers and keyboard. Groundbreaking.

I'll be launching a Webmail service called

I'll be launching a Webmail service called

For the uninitiated, ChuffCamp is the latest in Japanese crowd-sourced gameshows featuring the newest Web startups presenting to us all week in a bid to win our favour, @ladychuff’s hand in marriage and the chance to perform seal-tricks during the WWE Royal Rumble next year.

For the initiated ChuffCamp will be the most brutal hazing since the Mark Zuckerberg  downed a gallon of goat milk, ate 15 boiled duck eggs and then wrestled a gator on season 2 of Jackass wearing nothing but a crotchless Red Power Ranger outfit and a top-hat.  And that wasn’t even for a prize. That was just so he had a really ‘crazy’ status update that day.

While the selection procedure has been difficult for some, others persevered past the audience vote and self-flagellating nude catwalk trials and will be spending the whole week with us performing a series of humiliating tasks  to weed the leprous from the lame.

The finalists include: –  a social media showcase backed by Jonny Borrell, Ashley Cole, Jack Tweed and the entire cast of Hollyoaks. –  audio recognition platform for farmyard animals – a German video site which features slo-mo clips of people squeezing those cheese-filled sausages. - what sound does your Macbook make? Apple users can upload recordings of the gentle whirl of their prized possession and compare and ‘digg up’ the most becalming sounds. – stealth mode startup. Apparently will stretch the imagination and make your whole week. – just a gross picture of a dude with a massive anus.

Keep tuned in TechChuff fans as we report back this week on the tears of joy and horrific pain endured before we are able to crown one company the winner of CHUFFCAMP 09!

(Please use hashtag #ChuffCamp and wear our Twibbon with pride )

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