Internet Entrepreneur’s Mother Still Assumes He ‘Fixes Computers’ For Living

Inappropriately young but deceptively stubbled Internet Entrepreneur Anil Dot confirmed today that his mother still thinks he must be a computer repairman given he works in ‘IT’.

Anil admitted he maintains this facade at all family events too.  When his Uncle Sunil asked how the ‘IT’ was going, without bothering to try and explain ‘cloud-hosted collaborative web 2.0 support tools’,  he just said that he got a lot of bust laptops this week to fix which had Uncle Sunil just nodding sideways in sympathy.

Yes mom. I am work with RAILS

Yes mom. I work with RAILS

More and more IT-literate, Internet-savvy savants are turning their back on the traditional path of being an accountant, doctor, lawyer or indeed any profession your parents would get bragging rights to at a dinner party. As this trend continues the older generation still desperately hold onto the fact that their Oxford-educated child now “works in IT”, and their ensuing bemusement of what the fuck that actually means

“My mother has just a blank glaze when I try and explain anything I actually do. As I speak, it’s just the words ‘computer, computer, computer, hotmail’  repeated in her head.  She just thinks I have the same job as my 15 year old cousin and I spent my evenings untangling usb cables and manually posting her emails in the ‘Hotmail sorting office.’”

His mother collared us by the toilets to issue her response:

“Look young man, I do not know what exactly this ‘IT’ business’  is. My son could have been doctor or lawyer but now he does IT. IT is ok. IT is fixing my Hotmail. IT is using soldering iron. IT is ok career. Cousin Sanjay is in IT too. But you know his father was a very good doctor?”

Surveying a cross-section of confused and slightly disappointed mothers, TechChuff was able to draw the following statistically insignificant results on what your mum thinks you do based on your inflated business card title and mumbled dinner-time explanation.

CEO of Web 2.0 Start-up: Fixes computers.

CTO of Blue Chip Technology Group: Fixes computers

Digital Media Agency Director: Prostitute

Social Media Expert: Prostitute.

Head of Strategy at eBay: Packing boxes of beanie babies in the eBay ‘warehouse’.

User Experience Evangelist: Gospel Preacher

Product Manager at Gmail: One of those nice Nigerian chaps who sends me those weight-loss offers all day.

Online Marketeer: QVC Presenter

Visual Design Lead: Tracer.

Developer: Builder

Luckily for us, our mum assumes we work at the Daily Mail rather than writing this shit. PHEW!

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