Mickey Rourke Stars in Latest Biopic : ‘The Blogger’

Today Fox Searchlight announced that filming has wrapped on Mickey Rourke’s latest non-vanity project ‘The Blogger’ which sees him team up again with director Darren Aronosfky and co-star Marisa Tomei.

‘The Blogger’ features Rourke taking up the role of Paul Lewis, a part time blogger and full-time hero. It charts his battle to install WordPress, occasionally writing some fairly witty entries covering what he ate last night and Youtube videos he’d seen and quickly climaxes with his fall into the evils grips of a social life and girlfriend.

I can't believe only two people read my blog

I can't believe only two people read my blog

From initial footage, it seems that after just half an hour we see his nascent career as a potential New York Times journalist flatline as more and more often his posts start with

“I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for a while but….”

Paul Lewis is then forced to cancel his hosting account, get a grip of his life, and starts spending time with his mildly annoyed family and friends who he’s occasionally blogged about.

The second half of the film sees Paul take on a new career as a budding actor deemed to be the new Marlon Brando, star in several well received indie movies then self-destruct catastrophically.

The final hour follows his fall from grace into drug abuse, amateur boxing, bodged plastic surgery and abusive relationships with Carrie Otis until he gets a lead role in the film Sin City which restores our faith in humanity and redeems him as a person.

Critics are saying that this could be Mickey Rourke’s finest performance as he brings unequalled life experience to the character of ‘The Blogger’. Despite being about someone who updates an internet diary and his struggle to get any of his posts linked to, ultimately the story is a metaphor of the life of the great man himself – Mickey Rourke.

‘The Blogger’ opens May 25th in cinemas nationwide. DVD Screeners are available to bittorrent next week  as loose fingered Oscar judges sell their morals and the preview DVDs to cover their rampant coke habits.

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