Police Manhunt Begins As Man Fails to Log into Facebook.

A missing person’s report was issued by police this morning after a Croydon man disappeared from Facebook.

Friends fear the worst for 31-year-old Liam Blackley, after he ‘vanished’ from the social network yesterday afternoon.

Police refuse to enter MySpace without armed protection

Police refuse to enter MySpace without armed protection

Blackley’s disappearance was first noticed when ex-girlfriend Charlene Winterton, 28, tried to tag a photo of him.

“We just come back from holiday in Spain, yeah? So I thought I’d tag my photos. But when I scrolled down to his name he wasn’t there. I wasted like 10 minutes looking for him,” she said.

Blackley was last seen on Facebook chat at around 3.30am on Monday, when he reportedly threatened to try and delete his account. He told a friend: “fuck it, I can’t be arsed. Everyone’s Halloween photos are shit and now it keeps asking me to ‘reconnect’ with me ex-girlfriend. Google Wave is meant to be better anyway. I just don’t think I can hear about Farmville any more – I can’t take it.”

Blackley’s brother, John, 23, said his family was frantic. “He’s not on Twitter and he dropped his phone in the toilet the other day so we can’t even ring to check he’s in before we go round. My Google Wave invite hasn’t come through yet. My mum’s beside herself.”

Blackley is described as being of a medium build with blonde hair and brown eyes, and a habit of missing out possessive apostrophes. Doctors today have confirmed earlier reports that ‘not being on Facebook anymore is effectively being dead.’

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