Welcome Miguel Arringones to TechChuff

Regular readers will know that at TechChuff our noted simple and accessible (read: slightly spazzy) journalistic style and integrity has been upheld by the fact we only have 1 staff writer and he is actually still in prison for plagiarism, file-sharing and mild-to-severe hate crimes.

However we need to grow to satisfy our VCs bloodlust and to deliver such throbbing growth we are expanding the length (and girth) of our content. This means aggressively hiring new writers with fewer spider-tattoos on their faces and lower risk of inflicting public self salad-tossing ‘Spinvox incidents’ to harm our credibility and our angel investors paper-thin confidence in me and my enormous salary.

We therefore welcome our newest addition to the team: Honduran ex-paramilitary leader/failed Web 2.0 entrepreneur Miguel Arringones who will be writing a potty-mouthed rambling weekly column for TechChuff entitled “FUCK: or why I carry this gun to work”. His first glue-sniffing induced piece will be a ’5 lessons of how old media can survive the internet zombie apocalypse they are facing’ and a giant (butt) plug for his latest book of self-shot nudes and High School Musical slash-fiction.

Welcome Miguel to the team.

Welcome little puta (@miguelarringone)

Oh shit he does have a tattoo. Oh sod it. Here's @miguelarringone

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  1. Never mind the guns and the nudity. Answer the important questions: does Miguel think the iphone is a little bit annoying now everyone else has got one, and can he not quite see the point of Twitter?
    I think we should be told.

    Vic on August 18, 2009 Reply
  2. When my brother got an gold-plated AK, I cursed God and got an M-16 instead. Your choice is based on your soul. My soul needs a keyboard and robust business email support. Your soul needs Tap Tap Revolution. I conquered a nation. You conquered a touch screen.

    Miguel Arringones on August 18, 2009 Reply

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