Robert Scoble Discovered to be Twitter Bot

Ex-microsoft defector and superblogger Robert Scoble, whose blog has been religiously read for years and now recently  his Twitter feed consumed by thousands (47,848 at the last count), has turned out to not exist.

A TechChuff undercover investigation has revealed that the real human Robert Scoble left Microsoft in 2006 and then actually secretly emigrated to the south island of New Zealand where he set up his own honey-making enterprise called ‘Scoble’s Mobile Honey Pot’.

Shortly afterwards engineers at the new formed microblogging platform, Twitter, seized the opportunity to create an account under his name and develop a basic script which posted autogenerated short messages about his life and links scraped from other sites and RSS feeds. Believing having Scoble ‘on board’ and seen as the rabid arbiter of news would help drive traffic and uptake, Twitter allowed this wicked lie to continue for the last 2 years.

It has also been revealed by Twitter’s CTO that since the creation of ScobleBot, most of Twitters VC funding has been poured into developing the AI routines that generate his Tweets, rather than the actual infrastructure of the service. However this has not been a folly, for with reaching 45,000 followers before being caught, ScobleBot has actually passed the Turing Awareness Test and is soon to become sentient.

Will the real Robert Scoble please stand up

Will the real Robert Scoble please stand up (courtesy

Additionally information leaked from the Hollywood Report  states that Twitter has been paying the services of Phillp Seymour Hoffman to stand in for Scoble at all tech events and conferences.  Where there have been scheduling clashes, studios have resorted to flying the real Robert Scoble out of New Zealand to stand in for Mr Hoffman in films such as Capote and MI:3.

Finally we have been notified that FriendFeed have licensed a version of ScobleBot to help promote their Social Aggregator this year  but with several tweaks to what insiders are calling the ‘Illogically Evangelical’  module.

We asked Robert Scoble for comment, instead he sent us a flyer for his latest batch of manuka honey which apparently ‘tastes real good’.

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