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Mark Zuckerberg to Star as Michael Cera Playing Nick Jonas Playing Andy Samberg Playing Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg in “ZUCK: The Film about Me”

The Zuck. Love him gently or hate him naughtily with late-night phone calls to his parent’s house telling them about the dead hooker in his garage.  The existence of

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Ex-CEO of Yahoo, Jerry Yang, Wins Oscar for Best Actor

In a surprising turn of events Jerry Yang beat the favourites, Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn, for the coveted Best Actor award for his role as ‘CEO’ in the

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Mickey Rourke Stars in Latest Biopic : ‘The Blogger’

Today Fox Searchlight announced that filming has wrapped on Mickey Rourke’s latest non-vanity project ‘The Blogger’ which sees him team up again with director Darren Aronosfky and co-star Marisa

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