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Apple Admit to Implementing ‘Augmented Reality’ Code in all Mac Owners

‘Augmented Reality’ is just so hot. It’s mere existence is augmenting your reality right now into thinking that it’s even hotter and more life-changing. Yet today Apple dropped

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“Microsoft Loving MacBoys” Headline Confuses You

Today’s headline proclaiming “Microsoft loving MacBoys” has confused readers while they read this headline. Unsure if Microsoft are in fact in love with all Steve Jobs worshipping, magpie-eyed drones, or

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Snopes.com Debunked as a Hoax

Legendary urban legend debunking site www.snopes.com has been revealed to be a hoax after all. After nearly 14 years patrolling the internet highways with a truth flashlight and de-misinformation nightstick,

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