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Shy people launch socially awkward media

Article republished with permission from @theoraclespeak at The Oracle Speaks. Read and comment on the original post here. The global community of gauche, shy and reticent people today announced they had been

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iPhone Users Far Too Busy Downloading Applications to Actually Use Them

iPhone users are spending so much time downloading new applications for their device that they leave themselves little or no time to actually use them, a new study is set to reveal. The research, conducted as part of a wider study by students at Oxford University into why people insist on paying through the nose for cutting-edge technology, only to use it like complete idiots, indicates that only 12% of iPhone users surveyed had actually used any of the applications they had downloaded from Apple’s iTunes store in the last 6 months. The remaining 88% of respondents were thought to be too busy actually downloading an application to provide a satisfactory answer.

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Plans For ‘Hanson: Rock Star’ Game Shelved Owing to Lack of Public Interest

Article republished with permission from @theoraclespeak at The Oracle Speaks. Read and comment on the original post here. Plans have been shelved to exploit the growing popularity of the Rock

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