Wii-titis on the up! Man Hurts Hand Beating Wife with Wiimote

On a lighter note, the spate of Nintendo Wii related injuries collectively known as Wii-titis, such as ‘Wii elbow’, ‘Wii knee’ and ‘Wii TV’, continued this week with what we called ‘Wii-Wife’.

Simon Addleton, visited a walk-in clinic last Friday having injured his hand using his Nintendo Wii-mote to beat his wife. Doctors weren’t surprised and laughed to themselves as they added it to their list of humorous videogame related injuries, and treated him for minor scuffs, cuts and a small blister on his thumb.

Wii injury: I only had to tell her once

Wii injury: I only had to tell her once

“Actually he was lucky to come in when he did, if he carried on like this it could have turned into RSI or something more serious”, said Dr Patel.

This follows reports about the percieved Wii injury epidemic as doctors at Leeds Teaching Hospital spent their time playing videogames instead of treating patients and had to justify it by writing this report.

His wife’s recent  death from head trauma still remains unreported in any press publication.

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