AOL Puts Bebo up for Sale as Parts

AOL CEO, Mr Aol, confirmed rumors that their $800m investment in Bebo, a sort of Teletubby version of Facebook, was ‘a bit silly’.

Bebo will, as speculated by TechCrunch, be put up for sale by its parent organisation but rather than being sold as an ongoing concern, it will be sold for spare parts.

Mr Aol said early today:

We hit Q4 revenue targets. sw33t!! LOLs! :) xxxxx

We hit Q4 revenue targets. sw33t!! LOLs! :) xxxxx

“Mmh yes, yes mhh. So yes, oh dear me, yes so, my mother wasn’t very happy I spent that money on the Bebo. Mother said I was a bad boy. Mother said the magic beans was the last straw but this time she gave me a second chance. But I did it again. Mother isn’t happy. Oh bother. Silly me”

In a bold move Bebo will be sold on eBay as component parts split into several lots spanning a number of weeks.

Lot 1 is a broken keyboard. Lot 2 is a 400 gig text file of incomprehensible wall posts starting with item 1.‘LOL!@ good to he4rrr yeah thanks angell arr rightt lolxxx’. Lot 3 is a bag of empty promises about social media and engaging a teen audience through faux online soap operas. Finally Lot 4 is a receipt for Michael Birch’s fleet of Ferraris and a huge gold statue of himself laughing with his hands raised to the sky triumphantly which he commissioned after he sold Bebo originally.

The current Bebo MD, angELheatz85, sent this comment to TechChuff today through her PR agency Spaz-PR:

“:( whatevar xx like so unco0lz, how cud u d0 dis? so gay!!!!!!!!”

TechChuff isn’t sure if 12 year olds are allowed to be MDs of large corporations but whatevar.

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