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We at TechChuff invite your company on stage at this year’s annual ChuffCamp 69. We put the 69 most stupid, misguided, crass and downright venal internet start-ups we can find to present their product on stage in front of a misleaded drone-like crowd who throw stones and rotting meat at the CEOs over the course of the night.

A million internet start-ups with a million apple macbooks

A million internet start-ups with a million apple macbooks

Given you are avid TechChuff readers, you must be aware that we are the single most important website on the Internet. Yes we are the most powerful tool in focusing media, investor and FBI attention on start-ups who backhand us porn and used-underwear. If you think you can handle such make-or-break scrutiny in this arena and in front of our panel of judges then enter your company to ChuffCamp69 today.

Our esteemed judges include Vince Shlomi of the ShamWow commercials, boxing promoter/murderer Don King and Victoria Beckham’s left fake breast in a tupperware container. In front of this qualified panel and your peers, you will be required to strip naked and demo your product while prostrating yourself in front of a cardboard cut-out of Mike Arrington and licking the armpits of various VC associates around the room.

If you survive these trials as well as the competitive hot-dog eating round then you will win the glory of your 120×80 gif logo appearing in the left margin of TechChuff for about 25 minutes next Tuesday. Then the following Tuesday you will realise the market for Google Android social bookmarking apps for serial killers has fallen through and you’ll go back to working at Burger King or even getting an MBA.

Please submit your company to where we’ll take the applications, read them carefully and then flush them down the toilet.

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