Survey : Grandmas are Clueless About Cloud Computing

Saga Holidays, who specialise in holidays for the over 50s,  have recently published a survey on the latest technological revolution to hit the internet – cloud computing.

Saga interviewed 12 grandmothers between the ages of 66 and 82 and discovered that most were shockingly clueless about what the benefits of cloud computing to the enterprise are.

Bea is the only one who uses Amazon S3 cloud storage

Bea is the only one who uses Amazon S3 cloud storage

To most tedious nerds, cloud computing is the ability to leverage software and storage over the internet rather than on your desktop at home; however the results from our statistically insignificant sample proved we have a long way to go before it is mainstream in the over 60s.

Half the sample group were able to say they knew what a cloud was and the other half liked the interviewer’s smart haircut and nicely polished shoes. However when asked by the Saga rep if they use Gmail to keep their email and contacts in the cloud they looked at him like he’d had gone mad.

“Look I’m bloody 70 years old and I’ve got this half-wit college dropout with a rusty clipboard asking some bloody stupid questions about keeping things in the sky or some nonsense. I can’t afford to pay my central heating this winter yet you can come round and ask me this rubbish. Listen to yourself, you sound bloody potty. Cloud bloody computers – next it will be fairy pixie dust blooming hoovers, madness I tell you.”

This report follows stunning new evidence that the hidden Kombai tribe in Indonesia have not only been cut off from modern civilization for the last 500 years but also have never heard of Facebook.  Take your tribal spears and SuperPoke that sir.

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